“Our focus on charity and pro bono work blends into the daily life at MOREMARRONE. For some, pro bono work is looked upon as a necessary evil. For MOREMARRONE it is an extension of our unwavering commitment to serving those who cannot fight for themselves. Those are our clients. “Client” – a word tossed around with little regard across many other firms. At MOREMARRONE it’s all about the client. That’s who we help each and every day – counsel, protect, fight for, stand by, and win for.

In addition to our work for the Arts + Business Council of Greater Philadelphia as Volunteer (pro bono) Lawyer for the Arts since 2003 (over 13 years), our additional independent pro bono matters speak for themselves. On top of pro bono work, our charitable contributions and focus include St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Temple University’s DMK Scholarship Fund, among other involvements.

Perspective. Empathy. Compassion. That’s what defines and fuels pro bono and charitable works. That is also what makes for a great lawyer and top law firm – serving, protecting, and leading our clients through what are extremely difficult and often tragic situations.”


– Tom Marrone