Major Department Store Settles Complaint of Customer Profiling for $195,000


Plaintiff alleged that in February 2016, employees of said department store in Philadelphia wrongfully detained an African American minor, questioned her, frisked her, removed and inspected inside of her coat and its pockets, emptied them and detained her on suspicion of shoplifting — all while videotaping some or all of these acts and did not contact her mother or notify the police, then “released” her.  The incident lasted less than approximately 13 minutes.  The plaintiff then immediately went home and reported the incident to her mother.  After unsatisfactory explanations from a store representative, the parent retained personal injury attorney Thomas More Marrone to represent her and her minor daughter in order to investigate the matter further, determine the facts, and if wanted to pursue a claim against the department store.

On that same day, attorney Tom Marrone of the Philadelphia-based law firm MOREMARRONE LLC, contacted the corporate offices to discuss the matter and informed the company of their intentions to gather facts and also critical to the case, put them on notice that they would be required to preserve all evidence pursuant to possible legal action.

Along with substantive discussions over the next several days, Mr. Marrone also personally visited, inspected and observed the store location where the incident took place as well as examined the surveillance system, its Loss Prevention employees’ conduct and the physical configuration of the store and it’s merchandise, to corroborate with the plaintiff’s detailed account of what had taken place on February 26, 2016.

The department store referred the matter to an outside counsel and after detailed negotiations, Mr. Marrone finalized a settlement of $195,000, subject to court approval — which occurred shortly thereafter by Order of the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia, Orphan’s Court Division. The settlement was agreed upon within a month of the incident and without subjecting the minor Plaintiff to the rigors of pre-trial litigation or a trial.

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