SCOTUS rejects DuPont appeal in class action compensation suitBy MATT HICKS Editor-in-Chief

July 5, 2018: An appeal to fight an opinion previously handed down in a class action lawsuit against DuPont in North Towanda Township was recently rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court, allowing the claim for overtime compensation under the Fair Labor Standards Act to move forward.

According to court documents, Bobbi-Jo Smiley, Amber Blow and Kelsey Turner initially sued their employer regarding overtime they believed they were owed under the Fair Labor Standards Act. They had argued that they were not being fairly compensated for time spent “donning” and “doffing” their uniforms and protective gear, and receiving updates from the previous shift before beginning their work before their regularly scheduled 12-hour shift.

The lawsuit, offered as a class action, ended up gaining the support of more than 160 workers…

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